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Firdous Islam

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Areas of Improvement

Areas that need to improve are... Multimedia: There isn't any multimedia for the website so there's nothing visually catching that a user could focus on. Since the website is to the point, everything the user might want to look is centre stage without anything extra. Typography: There doesn't seem to be any specific typography flairs maybe more colour and interesting design choices. It's very simple and doesn't have a background but otherwise it's good and to-the-point.

Strongest Aspects

Strongest Aspect of Izzy's website is... Usability: The organisation and simplicity of the website. It's very to-the-point and easy to follow, as well as organised in a way that lets the user know exactly where to go and what to look for in regards to what they came for. It's very intuitive and easy to understand. Navigation: The website is really easy to navigate with the assignments put front and centre of the page so users can immediately go to wherever they need to go. It's easy to use and lists everything neatly so that there is no mistaking what each item is and where it takes you. Focus: There is a strong focus on the assignments of the projects and such so that it's easy for people to navigate and use the links to go to where you need to go. It's very to-the-point and doesn't need to be confusing or anything.