Six Thinking Hats

Creativity Hat

I think the hat I align most with is the "Creativity" hat. I often try to find fun ways to change or add to something before anything else, sometimes at the detriment of my project. I try to solve issues without thinkin them through but with an understanding on how I want the end goal to look like, at the very least.

What Each Hat Means


After this discussion i thought it would be beneficial to add a feature where the page is checked on how slowly or quickly a user scrolls through an article, so users can't skip ahead or skim the article for points. Also, I could add a feature where users can write reflections of those articles as well-- though it would be hard to make sure those reflections are about the article. Also, I really like the idea of using those points to buy coupons for things instead of just charity, cus it would help with the overall profit and give users something else to aim for when reading these articles. It will also help with revenue because I need the money to donate to charities using the points given to me by the user. With these criticisms and solutions in mind, I think I have a more whole understanding on how this hypothetical website would be run.