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Things to Do


There are many a beautiful storefronts and homes to visit in this wonderful city. Every step you take will be met with some wodnerful shops-- including the very own Hatter's Shop the main character Sophie, resides in!


Cities aside, you'll be able to watch the wonderful rustic charm of the train as it rumbles in from the distant railroads into the small town. It can take you to many places-- Kingsbury, the Wastelands, anywhere!


Want to take a slower approach? Try the beautiful coastal city of Porthaven with its sapphire coastline, perfect for a gentle getaway!


This city isn't without it's (actual) magic! But, not everyone can do magic without the aid of the royal wizards school in Kingsbury. For those who wanna fly, a simple flying machine will do plenty! Come here and get fun rides as you soar.

Ride the Titular Moving Castle!

And finally, ride the titular castle as it roams about, filled with ancient knick-knacks and potions abound. Be careful though-- things can get quite dangerous!