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Design Statement

Why I Chose This

  • The reason I chose this universe to go to for my vacation
    I really love the universe that was created in the movie. The lands are open and breathtaking, even the scareir parts of it. There's a lot of greenery and flowers and billowing smoke with really pretty rivers running through the land. It's gorgoeus. Although the movie itself is another representative of the ghibli staple of using the beauty of this land to show how things like war will corrupt and destroy them, the overall universe is still pretty. It doesn't shy away from war, but it does give plenty of pre-destruction views to make the incoming war seem all the more terrifying. For my project, I decided to ignore the war entirely and just focus on the prettier parts of the universe.
  • Typeface
    I chose this typeface because of it's rounded elegance. In this film there is a lot of rounded shapes and smooth lines which still look elegant in motion. To better reflect this, I wanted to find a textface that is similiarly round but not too bubbly, because th efilm isn't necessarily bubbly. I also wanted it to look elegant, so varela and MH Round were good options to make both these texts come together.
  • Colour Palette
    I chose this colour pallete because it is directly taken/based off the movie itself. There is a lot of blues, greens, and reds/oranges in the movie to represent the nature of the landscape as well as the destruction and spirituality of it. I wanted to make the colour scheme reflect that.
  • Images
    I chose images from the movie that were set in the spring and with a lot of greenery, because that's the type of message I wanted to portray with why I wanted to go there. Although there are darker parts of the movie I could've used, that wasn't the point of my vacation.
  • Button Placement
    I prefer the navigation bar to be at the top because it's easier to see and use rather than putting it to the side. I also wanted it to be quick and simple and I wasn't sure how to do that with a side bar.
  • Placement
    I wanted the placement of the text and buttons to be a list, so that if it were real users would be able to categorise what they prefer and don't. Using multiple images and text to point out the simplicity of the place was also important because the point is for there to be a getaway from our reality.