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Places To Eat


Cesari's is a grand café in Market Chipping, as seen in the film, Howl's Moving Castle. Sometimes written as "Chezarys" in Japan, this busy but fancy café is adorned with stained glass windows and large decorative plants and fixtures, and even includes a confectionary where character Lettie sells chocolates to the café patrons.


This battleship was used at the dredges of wartimes and peril, but now has been refurbished to a wonderful flying resturant! Made in memory of all those who were lost, this resturaunt lets you soar through the skies as you give penance to the grieving and lost.

Café de Howl

During their love story, Howl introduced Sophie to his private cottage hidden away with this heart while he roams around in his moving castle. Sophie, touched, made a replica of the cottage so that people can experience the peace and serentiy she expereinced as they dine in it's cosey walls.